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Pennsylvania Retail Political Action Committee

Pro-retail state policy starts by electing pro-retail state legislators. The PRA’s political action committee, PaRPAC, helps do just that. PaRPAC was formed with the express purpose of donating to campaigns of the Pennsylvania General Assembly members who support the initiatives of the Pennsylvania Retailers’ Association(PRA). The PaRPAC Board consists of five members, appointed from the Legislative Committee and decides on candidates of the General Assembly to receive support from PaRPAC.

Legislative activity on behalf of our members is our #1 priority. Legislators listen to those who support them. PaRPAC helps open doors for the PRA so legislators can hear your opinion on the issues that concern you. Do your part today to support Pennsylvania retailing. Consider supporting PaRPAC.

To contribute to PaRPAC, please contact Brian Rider, President & CEO and PaRPAC Executive Director/Treasurer at 717-233-7976 or brian@paretailers.org

Download the PRINTABLE FORM here PaRPAC Contribution Form

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